Telesign setup

Create this file: /batm/config/telesign

sudo nano /batm/config/telesign

Add these properties (from your Telesign account) to the file:

aml_customer_id= aml_api_key_base64_encoded= phone_lookup_customer_id= phone_lookup_api_key_base64_encoded=
  • Save the file (Ctrl+X) and exit (press Y, do not change the filename).


Phone identity provider:




Phone line type provider:



Disabling Telesign

Telesign is no longer available via the GB Cloud API as of March 23, 2023.

You may setup Telesign with your own account as noted above, or disable it entirely. Telesign must be disabled in 3 different CAS locations.

These options are normally disabled (by default) - but if you accidentally enable them, you’ll encounter issues with new “Not Registered” Identities. The following options are scheduled for removal, but at least one Operator has run into this problem, so these instructions have been provided.

Disable Telesign in Organization:

Disable Telesign in each Terminal:

Disable Telesign in each AML/KYC setting:


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