WhaleBooks API

WhaleBooks is a powerful real-time reporting tool tied into your CAS. It’s designed to give you up-to-the-minute statistics about your sales, and powerful tools to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Add your API interface credentials to CAS.


WhaleBooks makes your life easier. We could all use some easy!

What WhaleBooks offers:

RECORDING: Allows to record USD, EUR, CZK and 8 basic cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, BCH, XRP, DASH, DAI).

ONLINE INTERFACE: WhaleBooks offers an elegant online interface that allows you to see the entire history and development of assets.

PORTFOLIO DATES LIMITS: We usually have an unlimited portfolio. If you do, have to keep accounting, you need to look at it as a closed period from which you need to pay taxes. Let's say a calendar year. You can divide it into several portfolios. That's the accounting view.

MOVING “BALANCES”: We can transfer balances from one portfolio to another. And this is important for accounting. These are separate views. Where you end last month or year you have to start.

FIAT / FIAT: Allows you to set a fixed fiat / fiat rate. This means you have trades in multiple fiat currencies BTC - CZK, BTC - USD, but you account in CZK. The conversion to the accounting currency must be carried out at the accounting rate, not at the market rate. Example: You have 12 portfolios per year. You will have a monthly rate of the Czech National Bank and those portfolios will carry balances between them. This rate will be set for each month and you do not have to calculate it with daily rate.

BASE / QUOTE GRAPH: Base / Quote is actually the first and second currency in a trading pair. Working with such pairs is suitable for calculations. WhaleBooks monitors the state of cryptocurrency and fiat every day in graphical form. Visualization using a graph illustrates how your business is evolving. This makes it possible to find out, for example, if the BTC goes to negative numbers, that the purchase transaction is missing. This can be used to check the completeness of your portfolio.

REPORTS: The user receives two basic reports. The first - TRADE CONFIRMATION - is rather informative and contains an overview of confirmed transactions. The second - TRADING STATEMENT - calculates the realized profit after each transaction plus the crypto and fiat status at the beginning and end of the set period. It can be just used as a basis for the tax return, respectively for the tax office.

ACCOUNTING: WhaleBooks keeps track of every transaction made and calculates realized profits. If a company or trader that makes dozens or more transactions every day would like to introduce these operations into its standard accounting program, it would take a long time, the data would be inaccurate (usually counting only to two decimal places), and would probably fail. The solution is to introduce these transactions into WhaleBooks, to calculate the states: crypto, fiat, realized profit / loss for the whole day and  simply write these states into the accounting program once a day.

API Setup Instructions:

Create access keys in CAS:

  • Save your keys!


Assign the relevant Terminals with the WhaleBooks tag:

NOTE: Unassigned Terminals won’t show up in the WhaleBooks reporting.

Add the keys to WhaleBooks:

  • The Connector is “GENERAL BYTES CAS Connector”.

  • The CAS URL is the link to your GB CAS server (e.g. https://gb.example.com:7777 )

  • Copy & paste the API Key & API Secret for best results.

Click “CREATE CONNECTION” and the interface will be tested.

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