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General Bytes has the benefit of being small enough to be nimble & fast, yet the power of global reach. Our software is always improving, and most of these improvements come from ideas proposed by our customers: You!

We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas.

For new Crypto, Exchanges, Wallets, or interfaces, please explore our Github presence:

To report an issue or suggest improvements with CAS or any model BATM, please submit a feature request using the CAS links as shown:

You may also submit a feature request or bug report at this link:

JIRA Bug Report / Feature Request

The Support Department has little (if any) influence upon the Development Team's tasks or priorities. Creating a support ticket for this purpose is unlikely to achieve your desired results. We only support existing features.

To communicate with the Development team, please utilize the official channels found within Jira and Github.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests:

Not every offered field is required or applicable. When creating a bug report or feature request, the main fields of interest are the summary & description. The rest may be safely left at their defaults.

Create your summary:

  • be precise, yet descriptive,

  • just summarize the topic.

Enter a useful description:

  • If you're requesting a new feature, include links (if any) and suggested placement (AML/KYC, Crypto Settings, etc) of this feature in CAS. Describe what the feature will accomplish, and how it will improve your operation.

  • Bug reports require a CAS version, and the specific steps to reproduce the symptom. To be considered, the bug report MUST be reproducible on the LATEST version of software.

  • Do not include CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION! These requests are public, and anyone can see what you write. Redact or obscure any information that might possibly compromise your security.

Create it:

  • You’ll be brought to the official page showing your request. Save the link, and return to it to inquire upon it’s status. Support will have the same access & information, creating a support ticket will not achieve substantial results or increase it’s priority.

  • Bug Reports & Feature Requests cannot be deleted (by you).

  • If your Operation is completely disabled by the bug, please DO REPORT IT in a support ticket.

GENERAL BYTES development does not implement alternative coins merely on request.

Integrating a new coin depends on the community of developers of those coins. Furthermore, GENERAL BYTES developers will not invest substantial time testing nor maintaining the altcoins.

  • If you're submitting a pull request for a new coin, make sure your image works.

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