The General Bytes CAS software provides you with an interface to report your BATMs' prices, location, and availability - amongst other details necessary for the professional operator.

CoinATMRadar is a location service used by your potential customers to locate a Bitcoin ATM near them. Those patrons may peruse a variety of options to select an appropriate ATM, so it is in your best interest to share your accurate details with

The information you elect to share is published by our server. Coin ATM Radar interfaces directly with the list. The list only contains what you permit. You must have an account with Coin ATM Radar to expose your information on their website & apps.


Your Organization and Location timezones must be properly set in CAS for each Terminal. If CoinATMRadar reports your Terminal “offline for xxx hours” - please verify that the timezones are accurate in CAS.

Server Tug Of War

If Publishing is enabled on 2 (or more) different CAS servers, then the two servers will conflict. Both will attempt to report their status and pricing simultaneously, but only one will win at any given moment. This will lead to inaccurate reporting.

  • When your Terminals are listed on multiple servers, unpublish the zombies.

Adding Your First Listing

After you setup an account with Coin ATM Radar, do not use this method!

1. Activate Terminal Publishing

Your BATM must publish its data to “HQ” before requesting an account from CoinATMRadar.

Navigate to your Terminal Details, and scroll to very bottom of the page.

2. Create an account with Coin ATM Radar

An account will be created from the information you provide in this step. Share all required details on this form:

  • The initial ATM will be added immediately after confirming the data is valid.

  • Provide your BATM serial number (e.g. BT4xxxxx):

3. Wait for your account credentials.

After verifying the info, Coin ATM Radar will send you account credentials for login. With a login, you can modify your existing BATM details or add new ones. You may also upload images, which are critical for helping your potential customers find your BATM.

Adding Pictures & Changing Details


You may include pictures for Coin ATM Radar to show your location in the proper context.

  • Resolution should be a minimum of 800 pixels on a single side.

  • Submit your own pictures. GB promo pictures will be rejected.

  • First picture: ATM in the location interior.

  • Second picture: Location exterior (how the customer will identify the location).

Navigate to:

  • You’ll be redirected to a page where you may add pictures and videos.

  • Upload at least one image of the ATM in the interior and one image of the locations from an outdoor perspective. The objective is to enable your customers to quickly find your BATM.

Editing Details

Click on the Edit button to change individual ATM listings.

Navigate to:

  • You'll be redirected to the page with all the editable fields.

Adding Additional BATMs

1. Enable “Publish to HQ” in your Terminal Details.

  • After enabling the API (“Publish to HQ”), wait about 30 minutes for all caches to be refreshed.

2. Navigate to:

3. Click +Add new:

  • Fill all required fields for the new BATM.

  • Provide the BATM serial number (e.g. BT4xxxxx):

  • A success message should display at the top of the page after saving it.


There are additional options for the featured operator to enable display of the status and display of the prices/fees on the featured operator page.

Settings are located at:

The following fields can be changed:

  • The above settings apply only to the featured operator page.

Additional capabilities:

A Submission API which allows operators to automate adding and update of the locations.

Batch Updates

Edit many listings at the same time (e.g. when Verification rules change, limit thresholds, or additional cryptocurrencies are accepted).

Navigate to:

Select the locations to adjust and the type of field to change.

Closing a Listing

Close a listing if a location closes, a location is offline for an extended period, or the BATM is permanently removed. This is reversible.

There are two types of closing:

  • Temporary - the BATM is still listed, but with a warning message about outage.

  • Permanently - the BATM will be removed from the map and from all the lists.

To reopen either type of closed locations, find the ATM in the relevant list:

Click the Reopen button:

For more information, please contact Coin ATM Radar:


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