BATM: Transaction Failed

This error will be displayed to your customer at the BATM when a transaction fails for any reason. There are many possible reasons behind it, but the generic message displayed is for the Operator’s (your) protection. This is to prevent giving away any information that might be used against you during an attack on your BATM network.

Common causes:

  • You are out of coin: check your wallet & Exchange balances.

  • Your wallet or Exchange is down: check with your provider for their API status.

  • The transaction amount is insufficient: make sure you set a high enough minimum.

  • If your settings stopped working suddenly, please contact your provider first.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Update your system software:

2. Test a transaction yourself.

3. Examine the Transaction log for an easy explanation.

4. Test your Crypto Settings to make sure they are still working.

5. No luck? Examine the Event log for that Terminal:

6. Finally, search your Master log for the most detail:

Specific problems may include:

ALL Exchanges require a minimum amount on their purchases. This minimum covers their fees, and YOUR transaction must exceed that amount.

  • Hot Wallets have NO minimum (aside from mining fees).

Exchanges charge a fee for crypto purchases. Ensure you maintain a crypto balance in your account to cover those fees when using strategy 1 (send coins directly to customer from exchange).

  • e.g. if you charge 20% and a $5 fee at the BATM for a BUY, then a $20 transaction at the BATM becomes a $12 exchange purchase! Always test at your BATM with sufficient funds ($20+).

  • Bitstamp minimum transaction is $5 ( or .001 BTC).

  • Coinbase minimum transaction is $2.

  • Kraken minimum transaction is €20 (.005 XBT).

  • minimum is .001 BTC

  • minimum is 0.0005 trade, $10 USD withdrawal

Coinbase specific problems:

  • The Coinbase API requires a 48 hour waiting period to go live. Did you just create a new API key?

  • Coinbase will not allow you to buy on Coinbase Pro (Exchange) and send to the Coinbase hot wallet. The transaction will always FAIL. transactions may still fail even if the Cypto Settings tests pass.

  • API access will always fail for the FREE accounts. Upgrade your account.

  • The "Secret PIN" cannot be tested without actually sending coin.

  • Doublecheck your “Secret PIN”!

BUY: Kraken CANNOT be used to send coins directly to a customer. See this article.

SELL: When using "Strategy 2: sell coin on the Exchange", always bear in mind that the Exchanges will require a minimum of X confirmations before it will permit you to sell the customer's coin. Thus, you should keep enough BTC in your Exchange wallet to satisfy the immediate SELL amount a customer may submit. This will help prevent "NOT ENOUGH COINS ON EXCHANGE" transaction errors.

More SELL troubleshooting: Failed SELL transactions

If you still cannot solve the problem:

  • Locate the RID (Remote ID) of the transaction & include it in your request.

  • Create a Support Ticket

  • Please also attach a CSV file of your Event Log.



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