Twilio Accounts

General Bytes offers the Twilio API to send SMS codes to you & your customers. The charges per SMS vary across regions.

NOTE: The major phone carriers around the globe impose limits upon the frequency of SMS transmission. They do this to prevent SMS spam & to provide a consistent service. The carriers use equipment that has limitations; there’s no getting around this. When these limits are exceeded, the carrier will “filter” out the excess SMS traffic, and those messages will simply be discarded: lost. You’ll commonly see these filtering events occur in batches.

GENERAL BYTES no longer offers Twilio (or Nexmo) via the GB API (paid service).

  • You must signup for (and deploy in your CAS settings) your own Twilio (or Nexmo) account.

Create your Twilio account.

NOTE: The use case for SMS messaging within CAS is for Identity Verification and Opt-in Notifications.

Provide a valid email & phone number, and the following options:

Locate your keys:

  • Both the “ACCOUNT SID” and “AUTH TOKEN” are required.

Buy a phone number.

  • In this example, the cost is only $1/month.

  • Make sure it is SMS & Voice capable (MMS, Fax not required).

Assemble the required parameters:

Using a colon “:” between all 3 parameters, place them in this specific order:


For this example, it would look something like:


  • Copy & paste the entire parameter string in one paste operation.

    • CAS fields doesn’t append previous entries.

Uncheck the “Use GB API Key” option, and enter the parameters from the previous step:

Save it.

Return to the setting, and test it.

If everything went as planned, you should see:

Special thanks to Phil Sigler for doing some of this legwork!

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