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Morphis® is a leading global supplier of currency supply chain solutions. Morphis' portfolio of cash management software products are used today by central banks, depository institutions, armored carriers, card issuers, ATM/POS ISOs, transaction processors and BPO shops worldwide.

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Morphis requires on-demand access to your BATM cash availability for it to be a benefit to you.

The extension requires port 7743 via HTTPS+REST API.

CAS provides the following information to Morphis:

  • List of terminals,

  • Terminal location information,

  • Terminal transactions with essential data,

    • no access to: crypto amounts, cryptocurrency addresses, profit, or discount information,

  • Cash collections - cash pickup information (contents of cashboxes).

Enable Morphis access:

Open incoming TCP port 7743 on your server firewall.

  • For security reasons please make sure this port is open on your server’s firewall only for Morphis’ IP addresses.

Create a new Terminal tag “MORPHIS”:

  • Name it “MORPHIS” and CREATE it:

Assign the desired Terminals to the MORPHIS tag:

Select the Terminals:

Assign the MORPHIS tag:

Create the Morphis API keys:

Click on “Add API Access” button.

Fill in the form:

Name: any arbitrary name you decide to call the API key.

Terminal Filter: the Terminal tag you created above (e.g. “MORPHIS”).

Description: helps you distinguish between multiple API keys (in addition to “Name”).

Create & save the API Key:

  • the API Key & Endpoint URL should be provided to Morphis.

Submit to finish the process!

Done: Confirm with Morphis that they can see your data.

Addition Details

Created At: the date/time the API key was created.

Last API Access: the last time Morphis accessed your information.

RESET API ACCESS: create a new API key.

DROP API ACCESS: delete the API key (and all access).

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