BATMTwo Components

It happens. Electronics fail; parts wear out. Like a light bulb, sometimes they don't last long at all - other times they last forever!  Use this guide to identify, install, & replace BATMTwo components.

ALWAYS unplug your BATM before attempting disassembly or installation.


These items are standard on our BATMTwo series:

  • AKAREL7 (7 inch display) or AKAREL10 (10 inch display),

  • MEI/CPI cash Acceptor,

  • SecuGen Corporation Fingerprint reader (standard),

  • Logitech, Inc. C525 HD camera (or equivalent, for QR/ID scanning and selfies),

  • 12v 5a power supply,

  • Epson 802 printer (optional, common to all models when included),

    • includes a separate 24v 5a for the printer.

AKAREL7 Description

AKAREL10 Description


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