How to pay your GB Operator account invoice

Operators are charged monthly for such services as support fees, licensing, and other contracted rates.

We only accept BTC payments. For small amounts, we recommend using Lightning Network transactions, which are also supported.

Failure to pay these invoices in an exact, timely manner may result in your account becoming locked. 

IF YOUR BATMs ARE OFFLINE, please pay the invoice and create a new support ticket. Note your payment, identify your Organization, and request that your system be unlocked.

To pay the invoice, you must login to your GB Operator account at:


  • Unpaid invoices will be listed under "Invoices Awaiting Payment".

View an Invoice:

If you choose to pay with Bitcoin, send the precise amount within 30 minutes:

  • Pay THE EXACT AMOUNT in BTC - do not pay one Satoshi more or less!

  • Payments over/under will FAIL with the automated system.

  • Ensure the payment is now listed under "Invoices Paid".

  • Create a new support ticket immediately if the payment fails for any reason.

If you choose to pay using the Lightning Network:

  • Sending BTC using the Lightning Network is faster & much cheaper for multiple transactions. Mining fees are trivial compared to regular Bitcoin.

  • The easiest & most cost-effective app we feel confident to recommend is the Wallet of Satoshi.

  • Phoenix is a non-custodial (half-custodial?) wallet app which will open a channel for you (if needed).

We thank you for your business!

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