Ownership transfers

GENERAL BYTES Bitcoin ATM hardware and software require valid licensing. To operate the machines and server, all license fee invoices must be paid. Software licenses are not transferable. To transfer machine ownership, you will need to contact GB and get explicit approval(s).

Transfer of machine ownership from one Licensee to another is only possible when the previous owner has paid all outstanding license fee invoices to GB.

Before purchase, please contact GB sales department to verify that the serial numbers of the machines under consideration are suitable for transfer to a different Licensee. This will protect you from purchasing any machines that won’t work with your server because they came from an operator with outstanding unpaid invoices.

Uncommonly cheap machines, i.e. offers that are “too good to be true,” frequently come from bankrupt operators that have outstanding unpaid invoices from GENERAL BYTES.

When acquiring another operator’s Bitcoin ATMs, or purchasing used BATMs, please follow these steps:

  1. Ask the GB Sales department whether the customer selling the used machine has any outstanding/unpaid license fees.

  2. Supply GB with a list of serial numbers of machines you plan to purchase. GB will tell you if those serial numbers have no outstanding licensing fees and therefore: are transferable to a new owner.

  3. Supply GB with the original Operator's business entity name, and the destination operator’s entity name to which the machines should be transferred.

Please note that operating machines with unlicensed software may lead to unexpected and non-refundable business losses.


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