Symptom: QR codes ignored at BATM

The Android subsystem within the BATM performs the QR code recognition.

Does your QR code have a proper border?

The Android system CANNOT "see" a QR code that is placed on a background without a differentiating color, i.e . the QR MUST HAVE A BORDER!


  • Don't believe me? Try it with your smartphone.

  • Many wallet apps (i.e. Coinbase) use the phone theme - and “dark mode” will make the QR unreadable.

Can you scan your ADMIN QR code?

  1. First test to make sure that you can scan other QR codes by attempting a purchase using your BATM.

  2. If it reads your wallet QR, then you have a problem with your ADMIN QR code.

    1. See:

I can't scan ANY QR code!

Unplug the camera USB connector from the motherboard:


  • Connect USB mouse to the same USB port as the camera. You should see a cursor on the screen and the mouse should work. If not, try another port.

  • Connect the camera to notebook/computer. Was the camera recognized as new hardware? Are you able to see camera video from the computer?

  • Reconnect when you have determined that the camera functions.

Check that the camera focus is properly set:


  • Select "CAMERA FOCUS".

  • The default is 20. Adjust the focus (if needed) to get a crystal clear QR code visible in the scanner window.

If you have tried these steps and cannot resolve the problem, contact support.

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