Message: SMS Could not be sent. Wrong phone number?

This message may appear on your BATM’s screen when an SMS could not be sent.

These failures (and solutions) affect both Standalone & GB Cloud CAS systems.

CAS relies on Twilio or Nexmo to send SMS messages. The message is submitted to them, and a verification code is received back when they accept it. The verification code is saved in the Master log.

The message must be formatted properly, and must include a valid phone number (provided by the customer). If the phone number being submitted is indeed valid, then several other possible points of failure come into question.

  1. Is your GB Operator account in good standing? Each SMS costs only a trivial amount, but for obvious reasons GB must seek reimbursement for the credit we extend. When your account is suspended, your SMS access will be blocked (amongst other services).

    1. Check your account:

    2. then contact Support to resume service:

  2. Is Twilio (or Nexmo) experiencing outages? Check their API status:

    1. Twilio:

    2. Nexmo (now: Vonage):

  3. Is the target phone capable of receiving SMS messages?

    1. Seems obvious, but a test SMS would eliminate it as a possibility.

    2. Are other phones receiving SMS' as expected? It’s the number (or their carrier)!

  4. Have you recently changed your Twilio or Nexmo account settings? Something may be amiss there.

    1. Try using the GB default settings to eliminate it as a possibility.

  5. If you have your own custom Twilio (or Nexmo) account, is it active?

    1. Check your Twilio/Nexmo account status.

    2. More info about Twilio accounts here:

If these steps haven’t helped resolve the issue, please create a Support ticket:

  1. Confirm you’ve attempted the resolutions above,

  2. include in the ticket:

    1. the target phone number,

    2. your Operator account info,

    3. the date & time the failures began,

    4. the version of CAS server AND the Terminal firmware version.

We’ll take a look at the logs & see what’s being reported back by Twilio/Nexmo. We’ll reply with that information and further suggestions.

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