Message: Username Blocked

When accessing CAS, you are permitted a limited number of login attempts before your user name will be blocked.

This applies to every version of CAS, and includes the GB Cloud.

  • The login credentials include:

    • Your Sign-in Name

    • Your Sign-in Password

    • Your 2FA code (if implemented)

If you use LastPass or another online password storage utility, it may attempt to log you in automatically with an old 2FA. This will fail, and you'll exceed the threshold resulting in your IP being banned - without any effort on your part!

Failing to correctly enter all 3 credentials 5 times will result in a ban:

The resolution depends upon the server you are trying to access.

If you use the GB Cloud, please create a support ticket and request that the ban be lifted.

  • Please include your Organization Name and User Name.

  • A reset link will be sent to your email, which will lift the ban and enable a new password entry.

Password requirements:

  • 12+ characters,

  • includes at least one digit,

  • includes at least one special character (any keyboard character acceptable),

  • includes at least one lowercase + one uppercase characters.

If you run your own CAS server:

Login to the CAS CLI, and type:

1 sudo /batm/batm-manage unban-user USERNAME
  • Replace USERNAME with the actual username blocked.

CAS should report success, and you may login to the GUI again.

Make sure to immediately re-enable 2FA and implement a strong password!

Reference: batm-manage: the CAS CLI Toolkit


If 2FA repeatedly fails, the global clock used by Google Authenticator may be unsynchronized.

  • Try synchronizing Google Authenticator's clock.


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