Welcome to CAS

This is a step-by-step guide for new customers.

You’ve installed CAS: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/cp/yJfDnG86

You’ve logged into CAS, and are now staring at the Terminals dashboard. What’s next?

Some customization, that’s what’s next. You need to setup CAS to represent you in all transactions conducted at BATMs, so in this article we’ll touch on the various software components and their recommended order to save time & trouble.

Check your Organization

Your Organization should be kept updated to prevent billing issues and to ensure proper reporting compliance. Make sure that your contact information is displayed correctly.

See: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/c/epYZ3j7Q

Adjust your Crypto Settings

This is a very important area to visit - and the most difficult to get “right”.

The default settings are for demonstration only. To actually send (“BUY”) or receive (“SELL”) coin, you’ll have to add your account settings to the existing (or new) Crypto Setting.

So first, create an account at your supported & preferred Hot Wallet provider, or Exchange. We are not affiliated with any providers, and do not know your financial needs or region. You’ll have to explore your options (there are many) and find some that fit your tastes. The number of combinations may be intimidating, but this is part of the effort you must put into your Operation.

Check your Fiat Setting

The default Fiat Setting is usually fine as-is, but double-check it anyhow. Measure twice; cut once. Many Operators don’t want their cashboxes filled up with singles (small denominations), so you may choose to limit the denominations to assist towards this end.

  • Fiat Settings:


Misconfiguring this area could cost you money & your freedom. Many regions demand Anti-Money Laundering reporting & compliance. Consult with an attorney that can properly guide you on the regulations in your area, and make sure this is completely setup before you deploy it!


Modify the Location

Your BATM must go somewhere. Usually: a public place, where random people can walk up and feed money in your machine. That “place” is called a Location, and it’s required if you’d like those random people to be able to find it. Locations are advertised by the various online services, and it has to be accurate.

The default Location is in Prague. You will need to change it.

  • Help setting Locations:

  • Setup a CoinATMRadar.com account:

Change your Terminal settings

There aren’t many settings to change within this area (at first), and you may want to keep any changes here to a minimum - until you know exactly what you’re doing. When everything is testing perfectly, and you have a feel for the system, then by all means: dive in. Turn on (and off) options as you see fit; play with them until the BATM works exactly as desired. Customizations abound!

  • Terminal settings in detail:

If you envision many BATMs in your network, then you should explore Terminal Templates. These Templates enable you to change granular settings across every BATM in your entire Operation with just a few clicks. If you’re reading this article, then you probably aren’t quite there, yet - and it’s simpler to just fine-tune each individual BATM (Terminal) until you’ve reached the sweet spot.

The remaining options aren’t critically important for the new Operator.

Please get acquainted with your BATM’s operation before deploying it, and after you’ve grown comfortable with it’s nuances, explore. Some of the features you’ll stumble across are used explicitly in certain geographic regions; areas that are governed by unusual (or extraordinary) regulations. Remember: we span the globe. Not all features will be useful to you.

Some advice? Don’t overreach - one battle at a time. Expect to spend a week on learning & getting everything to work as you desire. Be patient.


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