New Features:

Server/Terminal: Added experimental support for credit card payments using card reader for buy direction.
Server: Added support for secondary output queue. What queue transaction should be enqueued to is determined by extension only.


Server: Further rewrite of Admin UI to ReactJS.
Server: Resend of failed batch transaction is now able to resend all transactions that were in the batch.
Server: Overages in sell transactions now don't cause transaction to fail when new option Allow Overage is enabled.
Server: Added ability to enqueue also transactions for wallets that do not support sendMany.
Server: Added ability to import blacklisted addresses in admin via CSV.
Server: Added database index to GDPR audit log table.
Server: Added ability to mark transaction as withdrawn via server extensions.
Server: Chainalysis scoring provider now performs scoring of ERC20 tokens also on ETH main network.
Server: Identity images are now exported in zip.
Server: Added ability to set allowed period for transaction buy resending in the organization.
Server: Added new notifications for verification process.
Server: Added 3 attempts when connection to SMTP server fails when sending email.
Server: Removed DAI, BCH support from CoinMate.io exchange.
Server: Added ADA support to CoinMate.io and Kraken exchange.
Server: Added ability to read server configuration properties from extension.
Server/Terminal: Added custom transaction failed template for buy printed receipt.
Terminal/Server: Added possibility to set separate help videos for Buy and Sell flows.
Terminal: Added Privacy Policy & Custom Privacy Notice to standard terminal UI.
Terminal: Increased size of QR code image for Bitcoin Lightning on screen.

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