New Features:

Terminal: Added ability to turn on bitcoin donations for Ukraine on machine.
Terminal/Server feature: withdraw cash by OTP sent via text message.

  • no redeem ticket required.

Server: Added ability to handle terminal notifications in Java in server extensions.

  • See INotificationListener.java


Terminal: Added support for Metamask ETH address QR code format.
Terminal: Improved cash acceptance speed by BNR.
Terminal: Updated French language translations.
Terminal: Improved animation performance of price chart in screen saver when switching between crypto currency pairs.
Terminal: Improved dispense to reject box dispense test when some of the cassettes are empty.
Server: Reverse proxy installation checks for FQDN.
Server: Added database indexes to transaction record for faster filtering by fiat and crypto currency.
Server: Improved textual explanation of phoneline type check in server admin.
Server: Improved textual explanation of terminal publish settings.

Bug Fixes:

Terminal: Terminal didn't download new configuration automatically from server when server ip was changed.
Terminal: Face capture photo capture and camera preparation for QR code scanning could overlap.
Server: Fixed ETH purchase in BitGo
Server: Fixed BitGo null fields being sent with create address request.

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