New Features:

Server/Terminal: Added memo/tag support for BNB currency.
Server: Added support for FTX.com exchange.

  • NOTE: the FTX exchange currently only supports BUY/SELL strategy 4.


BATMTwoUltra: Added SCR recycler support for BATMTwoUltra.
BATMTwoUltra: Faster BNR banknote acceptance speed.
BATMTwoUltra: Allow entering cashbox settings by opening BNR lock without need of removing cashbox.
Terminal: Faster camera initialization in BUY mode.
Server: Optimized ping performance - server performs less queries into database on terminal ping.
Server/Terminal: Terminal chart is now updated only once a day.
Server: More information is written into GDPR audit log.
Server: Notifications refactored inside of master service.
Server: Location's opening hours implementation was refactored.

Bug Fixes:

Terminal: Minor BNR recycler fixes.
Terminal: Please wait screens look was harmonized across multiple screens.
Terminal: Application crashes that happened in native code were not reported to server.
Server: Only last queued transaction was marked as failed when output queue flush failed.
Server: It was impossible to set terminal profit override when terminal template was used.
Server: ID scan photos of unregistered identities were not saved after their first transaction.

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