Terminal: Added support for BATM2Ultra model.
Terminal: Added support for BNR recycler.
Terminal: Added ability to scan cash bag's code on cash collection screen.
Server: Added Limit Calculator on Identity in CAS. Limit Calculator allows operator to tell customer when he is able to insert desired amount into machine based on identity limits and transaction history.
Server: Added support for Travel Rule (Cipher Trace Traveler)


Server: Customer tracking id added into events for analytics purpose.
Server: Position of button Test dispense to reject cassette moved on CAS page.
Server: Cash collection list in admin contains also location public id.
Server: Hot wallet http://coin.cz is now marked as Not For Production Use.
Server: Cash collection notification now contains all cash collection data.
Server: SSN values are now encrypted in database.
Server: Added ability to test cash dispenser remotely via admin by moving banknote from cassette to reject box.
Server: GDPR audit log now contains also entity value changes and its authors.
Server: Added ability to search for location in admin by location id.
Server: Added parameters to CipherTrace provider to option set different thresholds.
Server: Crash logs moved to new location on server /batm/app/master/crashlogs/sentry/BTXXXXXX
Server: Identity CSV export performance improved.
Server: “Automatically Unregister Identities With Expired Document ID” runs 2h after server start and every midnight, and now: won't de-register identity when at least one unexpired document is available.
Server: JSON webhook data are now part of the logged line.
Terminal/Server: Added cash dispensing error notification.
Terminal/Server: Added warning in CAS when cash dispensing cassette is removed.
Terminal: Decreased logging on terminal.
Terminal: Improved camera QR code scanning performance by fixed focus.
Terminal: Added more detailed error messages for BNR recycler.
Terminal: Faster BNR dispensing.
Terminal: Cash collection screen on terminal now contains also location public id.
Terminal: Chinese language translations updated.
Terminal: Lowered number of cash pickups when dispensing cash.
Terminal: Buttons in terminal administration and other dialogs are now bigger.
Terminal: Check wallet balance screen now contains also camera preview.
Terminal: Device connected also contains wifi signal strength.
POS: Added support for ZPUB.

Bug Fixes:

Server: Formatting dates in CSV exports got corrupted when multiple exports were executed at once.
Server: Banknote history CSV export took too much memory.
Server: Admin service was logging wrong ip address when behind proxy.
Server: "Not Always Required" setting removed from SSN KYC/AML settings instruction.
Server: Fixed forwarding transaction size and mining fee calculation for BTC and LTC.
Server: Use existing database user when restoring database.
Terminal: Fixed privacy screen skipping in redeem ticket screen flow.
Terminal: Fixed rare UI bugs collected by telemetry.
Terminal: Exchange rate was incorrectly written on the redeem ticket when fixed fee was non-zero.
Terminal: Fixed camera focus at scan redeem ticket screen

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