New Features:

Server: Added Operator's sample website as an example on how to initiate sell transactions from operator's website.
More information here: https://github.com/GENERALBYTESCOM/batm_public/tree/master/operators_sample_website
Server/Terminal: Added support for PYG fiat currency.
Server: Identities can be tagged. Useful for compliance dpt.
Server: Added ability to suspend identity.
Server: Added USDC ERC20 support.
Terminal/Server: Added ability to create restore point on terminal in case of android device reset.

  • Restore points contain: application, application settings, & server address.


Server: Added XRP BUY support for BitGo
Server: Added USDT BUY support for BitGo
Server: Added notification when customer agrees with marketing opt-in.
Server: Added possibility for operator to choose limits cutoff time at organization (24h floating or midnight reset)
Server: Added Bitstamp APIv2 support.
Server: Added searching in identity tags selections.
Server: Added ability to import locations via CSV upload.
Server: Added external location id field to location entity.
Server: Crypto Low Wallet balance notification now contains also specific value.
Server: Customers with unpaid invoices will get email warning 48h before machine is blocked.
Server: Added possibility to initiate identity verification via extensions.
Server: Hot wallet balances are in CAS now loaded asynchronously.
Server: Blacklisted Address Used webhook has now more structured payload.
Server/Terminal: Failed withdraw transaction contains in note more information on banknotes actually dispensed.
Terminal: Sell screen now contains also QR code from redeem ticket.
Terminal: Added more logging to dispensing.
Terminal: Dispenser status checking is now consuming less thread creation resources.
Server/Terminal: Added ability to overwrite standard text using custom string on sell success screen.
Terminal: Removed are you registered screens for Sell and Redeem ticket user flows.

Bug Fixes:

Server: New logo for SYS coin
Server: It wasn't possible to create user using fast track
Server: GDPR compliance - added deletion of identity documents.
Server: findIdentitiesByPhoneNumber extension method was returning some identities multiple times.
Server: Offer USDC for buy only for Kraken exchange.
Terminal: Fixed silent crashes when some skin assets are missing on terminal.

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