NOTE: modified Terminal UI (see: https://generalbytes.atlassian.net/l/c/wfmXS99L )

Version 20210519 (or newer) must be installed & functional prior to this upgrade!

New Features:

Server: Added support for Veriff identity verification provider.
Server: Added ability to override profit set in cryptosettings on each terminal individually.
Server/Terminal: Server now shows rejected banknotes per dispenser cassette.
This enables operators to know origin of rejected banknote.
Server: Added possibility to specify what cryptocurrencies is discount applicable.
Server: Customer daily limits reset at midnight (00:00) of customer time.
Customer's time zone is taken from customer identity and is updated by terminal when customer performs transaction.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to perform sells without printing redeem ticket using sms.
Terminal/Server: Cash limit reached notifications contain information also about other limits that has been reached too.
Server: Added ability to update diagnostic key on multiple terminals with batch action.
Server: Added ability to specify custom verification information that will be sent to user.
Server: Added download of identity documents from verification provider.
Server/Terminal: Cash collection ticket now contains also number of banknotes in rejected cashbox.
Server: Notification describing limit reached has a new format with more details.
Server: Added possibility to whitelist ip address that will never be banned from accessing admin.
Useful in case you run admin behind VPN or NAT.

Bug Fixes:

Server/Terminal: Behaviour analytics were not taking in account some of the new screens.
Algorithm for behaviour analytics was completely rewritten to generate charts dynamically based on user session event records.
Server: Onfido verification provider information are no longer read from property file.
Server: Cryptosettings error is not updated when tests do not pass.
Server: Some of the database connections were not closed when performing transactions.
Server: Cashbox analytics didn't contain terminals with empty cashboxes.
Server: Price stabilizer logs only when price really changes.
Server: Automated identity verification didn't change identity information.

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