HOW TO: Change your Notification Email Settings

All notifications sent out to both you and your customers are sent via Mailgun using our defaults.

In some cases, you might want to adjust these settings. You can do this.

More information about Mailgun:

  1. First, connect to your host (typically via SSH).

  2. Edit this file:

sudo nano /batm/config/mail

The default contents looks something like this:

smtp_tls=true smtp_port=587 smtp_password=5e9ddf3c60ef2f516f7404df6d59d5bf

Change your “From” field in outgoing emails:

  • replace on the smtp_from= line with your preferred email.

To switch to your own Mailgun account:

  • change these fields (as provided by Mailgun):

    • smtp_from

    • smtp_to

    • smtp_username

    • smtp_password

Save & exit (Ctrl+X and “Y”).

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