Superseded by 20210622

Version 20210519 (or better) must be installed & functional prior to this upgrade!

New Features:

Server/Terminal: Terms of service can be alternatively displayed on terminal as a webpage delivered to terminal in form of local website zip archive.
Server: Added support for ETH and ETH Classic sell via Coinbase.
Server: Extensions can be updated on the fly without need for master restart.


Server/Terminal: Individual tiers can be hidden on terminal via admin.
Server/Terminal: Whitelisted ip address of terminal can be automatically adjusted when changed without restart of the terminal.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to enforce rescanning of printed paper wallet before buying coins.

Server: Server will call webhooks multiple times when status code of response is different from 2xx. Retry times are: 30s,60s,300s,900s,3600s.r: Error loading one extension will not block loading other extensions.
Server: Removed support for Itbit exchange.
Server: Performance improvements.

Terminal: Exchange rate animation was rewritten.
Terminal: Screensaver was rewritten.

Bug Fixes:

Server: Fixed BNB and ADA support.
Terminal: Invalid ratesource configuration cased error messages not to be displayed on atm sell screen.

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