• This release completely removes support for virtual terminals.

  • Legacy UI is completely removed.

    • Please test the new UI on a few BATMs before upgrading your entire network.

20210519 (or better) must be installed & functional prior to this upgrade!

GB Cloud (superceded by 20210622 on July 14, 2021)

New Features:

Server: Added new notification transaction queued when using queues. Transaction success is sent after queue is flushed.
Server: Added batch action in admin to set administration key to multiple terminals at once.
Server: Added possibility to assign permission to users to use Action to edit terminal's ip address whitelisting.
Server: Added ability to import blacklisted addresses CSV in admin.
BATM3/4: Improved card dispensing service.
Terminal: Added logging what crypto currency user selected.
Terminal: Terminal upgrade package is now smaller.
Server/Terminal: Transaction limit reached webhook now contains json.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility set a message when buy and sell is disabled on crypto currency.
Server: XChange library support bumped to 5.0.8.
Server: Compatible with server extensions version 1.0.23.
Server: Webhook calls now contain also timestamps.
Terminal: Ask customer to confirm tag/memo when entering it on terminal.
Terminal: Faster cash accepting device detection.
Server: Added separate permission to read banknote history.
Server: Added notification to signalize that terminal recovered from warning or error (all errors except internet error).
Server: Identity id is now included in scoring webhook notification.
Server: Added configurable gas limit for geth wallet.

Bug Fixes:

Server: isTransactionPreparationApproved result was ignored when transaction was created via extension.
Server: Fixed terms and conditions text font color.
BATM3/4: Fixed memory leak in nfc reader service.

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