Mandatory release!

You must update to this version & successfully run CAS to install important future updates.

  • After successfully starting this version of CAS, you must next upgrade to 20210602 before installing any newer versions.

New Features:

Server: Added cash replenishment batch actions.
Server: Added possibility to define your own custom fields on identities and collect them from users by terminal.


Server: Compatible with server extensions version 1.0.21.
Server: Added possibility to use your own block explorer in admin.
Server: Added possibility to lower frequency of exchange rate updates during screensaver.
Server: Server now shows crypto-setting error in list of crypto-settings.
Server: Dogecoind can be used with tunnel.
Server: Lowered BTC market depth amount for calculating BTC price to 1 BTC.
Server: Added links to KB in custom strings section.
Server: Server is now logging to linux syslog too.
Server: Server now allows terminal upgrade from CAS when terminal version is unknown.
Server: Terminal reports in events reasons why QR code wasn't accepted.
Server: Kraken ratesource calculates now with market depth of 30 ETH and 30 XMR.
Server: Added ability to disable USB dongle remotely.
Server: If possible links from transaction list to blockchain explorer point now to transaction detail and not address.
Server/Terminal: Added notification to Recycler cash low.

Bug Fixes:

Terminal: Fixed text color on enter phone number screen.
Server: Fixed rate limiter. Previous implementation could block server when one of the resource wasn't available for longer period.
Server: Fixed possible same nonce problem in Coinmate.io exchange implementation when exchange is called multiple times very quickly.
BATM4: Fixed buttons position on cryptocurrency warning screen.
Server: Hide unsupported DAI sell on Coinmate.io
Terminal: Sorry, you are PEP. OK button should be centered.
Terminal: Exchange rate bottom bar should be disabled in Crypto warning screen.

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