New Features:
Server: Added support for TRX(Tron) and USDT over TRX.
Server: Added support for Added cash replenishment support from admin.
Server: Added possibility to pause server operation. Useful when waiting for customers to finish their transactions before server reboot.

Server: Added popup window displaying ticket variables.
Server: Added XBT for Kraken.
Server: --no-tablespaces added when backing database up.
Server: top search bar now looks also for addresses, banned addresses, blacklisted phone numbers and blacklisted phone numbers.
Server: Page load times improvements on terminal detail, list of terminals and list of transaction pages in admin.

Bug Fixes:
Server: Do not log exceptions when PhoneLookupProviders aren't configured.
Server: In cashbox analytics where summed amounts with different fiat currencies.
Server: In some cases crypto settings were not saved.
Server: The option "disable printer warnings" does not disable warnings in CAS.
Server: Fixed compatibility with MySQL 8.0.
Server: Allow customer user to edit other persons from the same organization(except for email).
Server: Fixed identities export ssl exception.

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