New Features:

  • Server: Transaction can be manually assigned to identity.

    • Locate the transaction, click “ACTIONS”, and assign the new Identity.

  • Server/Terminal: Added ability to set different warning for customer per crypto currency.

    • Navigate to the appropriate Crypto Setting & click the “Custom strings” tab.

  • Server: It is possible to define and use custom fields for locations.

    • Add the custom field in “Custom Fields”,

    • The new custom field will be displayed in Location: Custom Fields

  • Server/Terminal: Added support for patch releases. Release versions may contain also patch number.

    • For example 20210317.9 is release with patch version 9.

    • Patch releases will contain only critical bug fixes.

    • The patch version in effect will be displayed by: batm-manage info

  • Server: Added integration with Jira Service Management (Jira Service Desk) for Cloud.

    • Integration lets you create tickets from CAS or list Jira tickets of particular ATM.


  • Terminal: On SMS notification sell screen Cancel button doesn't cancel whole transaction.

  • Terminal: Removed CANCEL button from marketing agreement screen.

  • Terminal: Improved Hungarian language support.

  • Server: Logs now contain information whether 2FA was used for login.

  • Server: Github project batm_public is now versioned as a gradle artifact.

  • Server: Increased default server memory settings -Xms256m -Xmx1024m.

Bug Fixes:

  • Terminal: Fixed screen timeout on check wallet balance screen.

  • Terminal: Registration failure on terminal could result in terminal crash.

  • BATM3/4/RCKit2: Wrong message was displayed on choose amount sell screen when customer limit was reached.

  • BATM3/4/RCKit2: Failed withdraw transactions were not marked on server.

  • BATM3/4/RCKit2: Withdrawal receipt was printed twice when withdrawal finished with error.

  • Server: Identity searching was returning multiple identical matches.

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