Terminal: The New UI is now the default.

Looks the same as the Old UI - but responds faster.

New Features:
Server: Added sending of receipts from list of transactions.
Server/Terminal: Added support for remotely upgrading bill acceptor's firmware.
Server: Added support for USDT ERC20 token.

Server: Disengaging alarm via PIN has new permission.
Server: Better logging of obtaining deposit address from Coinmate.
Server: Discount calculation is better explained in admin and in logs.
Server: Admin is now logging also duration of a call.
Server: CryptX wallet now supports priority and USDT.
Server: Added ability to configure master's database connection pool size.
Server: Optimized database query for finding identity by phone number.
BATM2: Scam disclaimer text now uses more space on terminal.
Terminal: Send receipt button is hidden when always send is turned on.
Terminal: It should be now possible to perform cash collection when terminal is marked as inactive
or outside of opening hours.
Terminal: Updated EN and DE translations.
Terminal: Decreased inactivity timeout on insert money screen from 10 to 8 minutes to avoid server auto-executions in same moment.

Bug Fixes:
Terminal: Fixed possible crash when ATM had one fiat currency and only one AML tier.
Server: Fixed limits checking when auto-executing buy transaction on server. Token wasn't present.
Server: List of terminals could produce NPE in admin.
Server: Fixed identity exporting via batm-manage for organizations with space in name.
Server: Log incorrect limits instead of crashing.
Server: Identity didn't contain SSN information in extensions.
Terminal: OK button was displayed instead of CANCEL on "No wallet" screen.
Terminal: Fixed various crashes reported by telemetry.
Terminal: Fixed scroll effect on choose language screen.
Terminal: Added self recovery of usb dongles via serial reset line.
Terminal: Fixed private administration on BATM4.

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