BNR Parking

BNR recyclers are delicate devices particularly sensitive to the normal drops & shocks encountered during shipping. BNR recyclers are equipped with a “park” function, which locks the internal mechanisms into a shipping-safe position.


Make sure to park the recycler!

BNR units MUST be placed into the parked position before transportation. The General Bytes QA team does this at the factory. Upon power-on, the recyclers will un-park themselves.

You must deliberately park the BNR recycler (again) before you send out BATMs from your testing/prep facility to another destination. Damages caused by failing to park - will be rejected as a warranty claim. They aren’t cheap. Don’t forget this critical step.


Empty the BNR recycler drums before parking.

  1. Navigate to the BATM Administration screen (see: ).

  2. Select “Park Recycler” (only visible on BATMs with BNR recyclers).

    1. Parking will take over a minute.

    2. Wait for the onscreen notification: “Park Success”.

  3. Turn off the BATM. The BATM won’t be usable while parked.

Demonstration video:


Unparking is automatic during BNR initialization at power-on.


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