New Features:

Server/Terminal: Added support for Onfido identity verification service.
Server: Added Nexmo as alternative phoneline type service provider.
Server/Terminal: Added possibility to remotely upgrade firmware in usb dongle.
Server: It is possible to see in admin what extension jars are loaded.
Server: Added MDL fiat currency support.


Terminal/Server: Privacy notice screen can be skipped based on terminal setting.
Terminal/Server: Added ability to change bottom bar's color.
Terminal: Added "(includes fees)" in exchange rate bar.
Terminal: Added more logging to terminal-dispenser communication.
Server: Added tags collapsing in admin.
Server: Terminal unpairing via admin requires 2FA validation.
Server: Transactions list now also displays what batch was used to send out transaction when queues are enabled.
Server: Analytics page is now faster.
Server: Tabs in admin improved visually.
Server: Server upgrade should be faster as it doesn't change permissions on /batm/data
Server: Health of master and admin service can be checked by calling /health (Telegram bot).

Bug Fixes:

Terminal: Fixed dispense NFC card button visibility when nfc dispenser is not initialized.
Server: Fixed decimal precision error when placing order on Kraken.

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