Hot Wallet: CryptX Wallet System

The CryptX Exchange is based in Georgia.

  • Fiat supported: EUR

  • Coins offered: BTC, LTC, BCH, USDT and ETH


1. Create an API Token:

Navigate to:

  • Click on “+ Create Legacy API”

Add an access token:

  • Name the API key something relevant and recognizable.

  • Select:

    • Enable Trading

    • Enable One-time Withdrawal

  • Save the new API key.

  • Enter your 2FA to confirm API key permission.

Save your new API Key (“token”):

(API Key used in this example: ZhCtwqkBHGc2T32DNKbxpeXE)

  • Copy your API key,

  • save it somewhere secure (you can’t access it again),

  • accept the TOU, and

  • Submit.

2. Locate your Wallet ID

From the appropriate wallet, select “Receive”:

Add a Receive address (if one doesn’t already exist):

  • Name the address anything relevant

Locate the relevant wallet_id* Crypto Setting parameter:

  • in this example, the wallet_id would be “2013”.

3. Assemble the required CryptX parameters:

Parameters marked * are required, all others optional.

host* : port : token* : wallet_id* : passphrase : priority : max_custom_fee

host* is always:

port: (leave empty/blank)

token*: the API Key obtained from CryptX as described in Step 1 (above).

wallet_id*: the name of the wallet on CryptX (as located in Step 2 above).

passphrase: the wallet passphrase (if used).

priority: high, medium, low, or custom.

  • high: (default) = 2 blocks, medium = 8, low = 24

  • custom - also indicate the number of required blocks (e.g. custom:12)

max_custom_fee: the maximum fee (in s/vByte) when "custom" priority is used

max_custom_gas_limit: is obsolete and no longer used. Do not enter a value.

Example parameter string from the examples above:

Add a new Crypto Setting in CAS.

Select CryptX as a Hot Wallet.

Enter the Parameters as assembled previously.

Save the Crypto Setting:

Re-enter the Crypto Setting, and test it:

If everything is setup correctly, the test should pass:

Secure it:

After verifying that your API Token works as expected, we encourage you to increase security.

  • Add your CAS server IP to the API IP whitelist, if desired (you may also leave it blank).

  • Set limits.

  • You’ll have to create a new Token on CryptX to implement these features.

  • DO NOT enable 2FA for the Token.

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