Message: Check your IP Whitelist

This message may appear on your Terminals Dashboard.

The IP Whitelist is a Terminal option that protects your Operation from certain types of attacks.

Setting located in Terminal Details: Terminal Details

Your BATMs will connect to a network, and presumably that network is known, and secure. If your BATM is stolen, it may be reconnected (using Ethernet) by the attacker after they’ve gained entry to the BATM internals. The attacker might then feed fiat into the device, sending your crypto to an address under their control.

Since they possess the BATM, you'll never recover the fiat, and your losses will be compounded.

When enabled, this setting protects your Operation from this type of attack.

It is extremely unlikely that the attacker would be able to replicate (or even know) the IP you "whitelisted", so when "IP Whitelist" is active, that attack is thereby thwarted.

  • When feasible, "IP Whitelist" protection should be enabled for your Terminals.

The optional IP in question is the publicly exposed IP for your network.

  • e.g. is a “private” IP - those are not public. More info?

  • If unset, the current IP (when enabled) will be used.

When you, as the legitimate owner of the BATM, encounter this error, it’s because the IP address that CAS expects to find, isn’t found. CAS properly denies access (as you’ve instructed it).

The solution? Disable the IP Whitelist until the BATM is deployed.

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