CAS: GB Cloud vs. Standalone

No matter which way you decide to go, the Crypto Application Server (CAS) must get involved.

Your BATM does nothing on it’s own. It must connect to CAS to function.

You’ll have 2 options when connecting your BATM to CAS. Each has its own merits and drawbacks. These points will be presented here.

Crypto Application Server (CAS)

Your BATM must connect to a server. The server is the actual heavy-lifter. It connects to your BATM and your wallets and other resources. The BATM is little more than a remote control for the CAS server, a place that your customers can securely identify themselves & insert (or receive) fiat.

If you plan on operating only a handful of BATMs, then we recommend the GB Cloud CAS.

If you plan on expanding your network, or demand complete control - then you should consider operating your own CAS server (Standalone).

All customers must have a GB Operator account for tracking purposes.

BATMs operated on a Standalone CAS will not be charged the percentage normally assessed for operating a BATM on the GB Cloud.

To request your GB Operator account, please see: Request a GB Operator Account

The GB Cloud CAS

The GB Cloud CAS is operated by General Bytes. We maintain it, secure it, upgrade it, backup, and administer the CAS. For that convenience, we charge 0.5% of conducted transactions/month/organization, but support fees are half that of a Standalone CAS.

Important points of the GB Cloud:

  • Some areas are restricted to GB employee access only (admin).

  • You have no maintenance demands.

  • Best for beginners or small operations.

To use the GB Cloud CAS, merely login to the GB Cloud CAS with your Operator credentials, and

Standalone Server

If you feel confident in your ability to administer the server yourself, you’re welcome to operate your own Standalone CAS server. You’re responsible for selecting a host, installation, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting - however you’ll have complete control over your server. For many customers, that’s an absolute necessity.

Important points of a Standalone CAS Server:

  • Complete access to all functions.

  • Requires your availability & attention.

  • Definitely not recommended not novices.

Support drawbacks of a Standalone CAS Server:

  • Many support issues will take substantially longer to resolve.

  • Logs are an essential part of troubleshooting. GB Support won’t have access to your logs, they must be sent manually every time they’re needed for troubleshooting.

  • Configuration changes at the host may require some CLI file manipulation.

If you’ve decided to operate your own Standalone CAS server, then please navigate to the Sales page on our website to purchase the appropriate license at:

and also request a GB Operator account to locate the required API Key:

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