Hot Wallet & Exchange

1. Login to

2. Create your API keys:

a) Navigate to:

b) Allow CAS complete access (on your behalf) and request the keys:

c) will send you a verification email:

d) Enter the verification code from your email.

e) The keys you require for CAS are shown on the next screen:

Copy & save the API Key and API Secret.

3. Configure your Crypto Setting to use

Select Rate Source & Hot Wallet (and/or Exchange):

Enter the parameters (determined in Step 2).

  • fiatcurrency : clientid : publickey : privatekey : feePriority

    • fiatcurrency: EUR or CZK

    • clientid: e.g. 54321

    • publickey: E9awhF13ns43hJqP5Ubbe1Xc2Rl7sI

    • privatekey: s46NVwHJ5Udbec2RgMl7sI

    • feePriority: LOW or HIGH (default: HIGH)

  • Example:

    • 1 CZK:54321:E9awhF13ns43hJqP5Ubbe1Xc2Rl7sI:s46NVwHJ5Udbec2RgMl7sI:LOW

4. Save the Crypto Setting!

5. Test it (you’re done!)

Test your settings before deploying them.

  1. Save your setting first,

  2. return to the same Crypto Setting,

  3. run the test(s).

If the test(s) finish successfully, you've configured the Exchange properly!

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