Exchange: Bitstamp

These instructions will help you configure a Crypto Setting for the Bitstamp Exchange.

  • CAS version 20220311 (and later) supports v2 of the Bitstamp API.

1. Login to your account at:

2. Locate your Bitstamp User ID (“username”):

Navigate to:

  • This is your "username" parameter.

3. Create your API keys:

Create/add a new API Key.

Select all permissions:

Generate the key:

Verify your 2FA:

Save the generated API Key & Secret Key, and request activation:

Wait for the activation email from Bitstamp, then activate the key:


After the email verification is finished, the key will be active.

TIP: After you’ve tested the API keys, create and deploy a new keyset with more restrictive permissions to improve your security (e.g. one keyset per coin, limit account permissions, whitelisting, etc.).

3. Finally, enter the required parameters into CAS:

  • Select Exchange

  • Parameters: fiatcurrency : username : apikey : secretkey

    • fiatcurrency may be "USD" or "EUR".

    • username was determined in step 2 above.

    • apikey and secretkey were determined in step 2 above.

  • In this example, using the above, our "Parameters" looks like this:

    • 1 USD:073658:Petanz7pjEFBqAdGZEeii5OdOc9PDIkP:zJqe9Ud9n8gWL42a3gDV1R85vbJhAfHi

4. Save the Crypto Setting!

5. Test it (you’re done):

Test your settings before deploying them.

  1. Save your setting first,

  2. return to the same Crypto Setting,

  3. run the test(s).

If the "Exchange Buy" test is successful, you've configured the Exchange properly!

Transactions at the BATM will fail if the amount is less than the Bitstamp minimum (normally $20).

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