Exchange: Kraken

NOTES: Kraken requires "whitelisting" of wallets in their setup, which makes them unusable for these BUY strategies:

1  - coins cannot be sent directly to the customer!

3  - the fallback option is strategy #1 - which, as noted, won't work.

5  - coins cannot be sent directly to the customer!

Strategies 2 and 4 require you to send coin to the Hot Wallet - which CAN be whitelisted. You must add it as a permitted withdraw key (read below).

You must maintain funding in Kraken to use in a BUY strategy!

Configuring the Kraken exchange in CAS:

1. Login to your Kraken account at

2. Navigate to: “Settings", then "API”:

Click here to navigate directly to the Kraken page, or:

then :

3. Create a new API Key:

4. Create an API name, and enable all privileges:

5. Save the newly generated API keys:

  • Save them somewhere private - they permit full access to your account!

  • Your wallet MAY need to be funded for these keys to work as expected.

6. Navigate to Funding: Withdraw

7. Create a Withdrawal address (a whitelist address):

  • Save the Withdraw whitelist address.

  • Enter "Description" as the "withdrawkey" parameter for your Kraken Exchange.

8. Enter the required information into CAS:

The CAS "Parameters" for the Kraken exchange is:

  1. USD (or EUR)    

  2. API Key

  3. API Private Key

  4. Withdraw Key

  5. Order Type (limit / market)

Entered in sequence, on one line, separated by a colon, it looks something like this:

1 USD:2ooAIETUc93GGd61:gPu2W8bDJwC9gBrh56M4VzEZ0VIS0kEZ:BlockIO:market
  • Use the same rate source as the Exchange server. 

  • You can use the same string for exchange buy and exchange sell options. 

9. Save the crypto settings!

10. Now re-enter the Crypto Setting, and test what you just saved:

If the test finished successfully, you configured the Kraken Exchange properly.

If the Exchange test fails: have you funded your wallet? The Kraken Exchange API may not work if there are zero coins in your selected wallet.

Kraken (like all exchanges) requires a "minimum" transaction amount.  

You should now be able to successfully use the Kraken Exchange with CAS.


 Kraken requires a "trade agreement" in certain countries (e.g. Germany).  If your Crypto Tests pass, but you cannot execute a trade, please follow their advice:

1 2 3 4 5 Please try to navigate to the Trade-tab using the web interface, and then to the New Order page and then select Advanced there. You should be prompted with a trading agreement you have to accept. Once you have accepted this agreement you should not be prompted with this message.