1. Login to your account at:

2. Create your Bitfinex API keys.

Click on "Create New Key":

Name it, select all available options, and generate the API key:

Enter your 2FA authentication (if required):

Acknowledge the confirmation email:

  • Check your email and click-through for activation of the API.

Finally, note your API Key and API Secret:

Save the "API key" and "API key secret".

3. Create a new Crypto Setting in CAS and the parameters for Bitfinex:

Select as your Exchange & Rate Source, and enter the parameters:

The parameter format for CAS is: apikey : apisecret : fiatcurrency

  • Example:

  • 1 c0h0lCCUBhJICCrGom7GJEyuehEyLdGB6:JtkZ5gpvJRvedddC4OYokf97OsY0e8q1XCIKqE:USD

4. Save the Crypto Setting!

5. Now re-enter the Crypto Setting, and test what you just saved:

If the test finished successfully, you’ve configured the BitFinex Crypto Setting properly.

FAIL: do you have any coin in your BitFinex wallet(s)? An empty account won’t pass.

Configure your SELL parameters using the same values.

6. You're done.