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Currently, these sanction lists are automatically applied;

  1. OFAC,

  2. EU,

  3. Canada,

  4. Czech Republic.

The customer’s name is checked against the sanction list every time there is a transaction being executed (buy or sell). If there is a match, the transaction is not processed (Operator doesn’t send coins or, Operator doesn’t dispense cash).


OFAC scoring (100% = fail, 50% => passes):

  1. Last name matches, but first name doesn’t match = 50%.

  2. Both last name and first name matches = 100%.

  3. When only last name is provided and matches = 100%.

  4. Wallet address fully matches (case insensitive) = 100%.

For more information about watchlist implementation:



Blacklists are a static method of blocking customers & wallet addresses. The lists may be customized based on your experiences or information received from a third-party source.