Error: Server is not Reachable


The message “Server is not Reachable” is displayed on your BATM.

  • Other BATMs in your network do not display this message.

The underlying cause of this type problem may arise in one of these five areas:

This article describes possible solutions at the BATM side of this graphic.

Obviously, we cannot control the Internet or your routing - but you may want to check CAS if you run your own server and ALL your BATMs are offline:

We recommend Ethernet in areas that have weak or unstable Internet access.

Some WiFi routers just aren’t up to the task. A strong WiFi signal doesn’t mean a stable connection. A microwave oven or various electronics may generate spurious signals that disrupt the connection - and cause this error. Ethernet overcomes this weakness.


Ensure that you are connected to a local router.

  1. Configure Wi-Fi, or better yet: connect using Ethernet.

  2. Confirm that an IP is assigned in your Administration screen.

A consistent & reliable Internet connection is required for the BATM to operate.

  • Wi-Fi public access (open) logins cannot & should NOT be used.

Confirm that your router can access the Internet.

  1. Connect your phone or a laptop computer to the router & test access.

  2. Ethernet: ensure your router is NOT set to rate auto-negotiation.

Try temporarily connecting your BATM to your cell phone hotspot to quickly determine if your BATM’s connection is the culprit.

if you implement a cellular router (i.e. OptConnect), try power-cycling the modem.

  • With certain modems, only one of the ports will function.

DDoS attacks can cause sudden disconnections & periodic interruptions.

Phone carriers (cell towers) and broadband providers are NOT 100% reliable. Internet attacks can (and will) affect your connection and cause intermittent & periodic disruptions. Be sure to check (with your provider) that your service is actually available & not a current target of these attacks.

Disable unused Wi-Fi connections.

“Forget” all wifi connections that aren’t used!

  • Phantom entries will only confuse & exacerbate connection issues.

  • “Open” connections are insecure and should NEVER be enabled.

  • When implemented with Ethernet, the 2 will conflict. Never implement both.

Finally, check that the Server IP is properly set.

The server will definitely be unreachable if the BATM is “dialing” the wrong IP, or is unpaired with CAS.

  • The Server IP is set to use the GB Cloud by default.

  • The Server IP may reset to the default (the GB Cloud) after certain BATM procedures.

  • Instructions to set your Server IP: Set the BATM Server IP

  • Make sure the BATM is paired with your CAS: Error: TLS error

Standalone CAS Operators:

If you operate only a single BATM and your own Standalone CAS, then the problem may lie within your CAS server.

This does not apply when using the GB Cloud CAS.

A quick test to verify that your CAS server’s ports are properly exposed (and open) can be conducted using “nmap” on any Linux computer. Replace “IP” with your actual CAS server IP:

1 nmap -v IP -Pn -p 7741,7777

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