Hot Wallet:

The Hot Wallet is a commonly used Hot Wallet option for CAS.

The Free plan from will not work with CAS.

  • You must subscribe to a paid tier for API access with CAS. requires that you whitelist the server with API access.

  • If you use the GB Cloud CAS, please request the IPv4 address from support.

  • If you operate your own CAS Standalone server, the IP is the public IP of your CAS server.

Your Secret PIN cannot be tested, and (if wrong) will result in transaction failures.

  • Be sure to verify that the Secret PIN is correct if you experience transaction failures. announced they will change their API access methods on October 31, 2021.

Version 20210901 of CAS will support these new methods. The API will fail with prior versions after enforces their API change.

1. Login to:

2. Navigate to API Keys:

3. Copy your applicable API Key.

  • The API Key is a component of the parameters required for CAS.

4. Whitelist your CAS IP.

Navigate to:

  • Grant CAS permission to access your account by adding the CAS IPV4 address of your CAS server.

  • If you use the GB Cloud CAS, please request the IPv4 address from support.

5. Note your Secret PIN.

Your Secret PIN is a required CAS parameter for It’s the same Secret PIN you would enter at this screen:

  • Your Secret PIN is not your login password.

  • Your Secret PIN is required for signing transactions.

6. Assemble the required parameters:

These are the possible parameters.

Spaces are inserted below for clarity of viewing only.

  • Do not use spaces in your parameter string (around the colons).

apikey : pin : priority : fromLabel

apikey: (required) is located in Step 3.

pin: (required) is the Secret PIN identified in Step 5.

priority: (optional) low/medium/high - these are the mining fees (& corresponding confirmation priority) that will be submitted with each transaction. “low” is the default (if unspecified).

  • Options low, medium, high will (respectively) offer 1x, 2x, and 3x the typical mining fees.

fromLabel: (optional) - use the specified wallet (instead of the default).

  • this is an example “fromLabel” wallet (not recommended for modern use).

This is an example parameter string:

1 c5bc-58ec-2987-c8ac:MySecretPIN:low:Demo "fromLabel" Wallet

7. Enter the assembled Hot Wallet parameters in Crypto Settings:

  • The “no forward” option listed is only relevant to SELL transactions (eliminates the normal, temporary wallet used by CAS for monitoring incoming coin submissions).

8. Save the Crypto Setting!

9. Test it.

Test your settings before deploying them.

  1. Save your setting first,

  2. return to the same Crypto Setting,

  3. run the test(s).

If the test(s) finish successfully, you've configured the Hot Wallet properly!

  • the final test is at the BATM. Failing transactions may indicate you’ve entered an incorrect Secret PIN. Be sure to verify the Secret PIN is correct.