Exchange: Bittrex

1. Login to

  • 2FA authentication MUST be active to create API Keys!

  • Setup 2FA now (if you haven't already).

2. Create the API keys.

Click on "Add new key":

Enable all access for the Keys:

Save the new key:

Enter your 2FA authentication code:

Click on Confirm to generate your keys:

Copy the API & Secret Keys immediately!

Your "Secret Key" will only be available once here, so save them BOTH now.

3. Configure the Crypto Setting.

Select Exchange & Rate Source:

Use the API Key and Secret Key you created in Step 2 in Parameters.

  • In this example, using the above, our "Parameters" looks like this:

    • 5967fc6d683f4f04b9f9b5a8744dc1f3:c102271994214db9b938110d907bfcfa

4. Save the Crypto Setting!

5. Test it (you’re done):

Test your settings before deploying them.

  1. Save your setting first,

  2. return to the same Crypto Setting,

  3. run the test(s).

If the "Exchange Buy" test is successful, you've configured the Bittrex Exchange properly!

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